Green Oasis at Ashokan Backflow: Nurturing a Thriving Workplace

Indoor landscaping is a fantastic method to enhance both human and environmental well-being. We all understand that plants soak up carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that alters the climate, while releasing the precious oxygen we breathe. Therefore, surrounding ourselves with plants in our homes or offices is a logical choice. However, the advantages of indoor plants go well beyond that. That’s precisely why, here at Ashokan, we take great pride in our office’s indoor garden.


Our office building was designed specifically to accommodate an indoor garden.  During construction, a hole was left such that the soil extends all the way down to the soil beneath the foundation.  This allows water from our garden to drain naturally.  However, you don’t need to design a whole building specifically to accommodate a garden in order to reap the benefits of indoor landscaping!

Plants help regulate air temperature.  Through the process of transpiration, plants release moisture into the air.  The moisture evaporates from the plants’ leaves, which increases humidity within a building.  When it is warm out, this added moisture cools down the air.  Believe it or not, when it is cold out, the added moisture warms the air, as moist air retains heat better than dry air does.  Indoor landscaping is a great way to cut energy consumption and costs, which was one of the motives for incorporating a garden into Ashokan’s office space.

Having plants around also reduces dust and other airborne pollutants, such as mold and bacteria.  Studies show that people who work and live in indoor spaces with plants are much less likely to become ill.  It comes as no surprise that healthy people are more productive than sick ones.  To further facilitate productivity, plants help with sound absorption.  When background noise is minimized, distractions are minimized!

Why we use a Green Oasis at Ashokan Backflow: Nurturing a Thriving Workplace?

In general, the presence of plants makes people happy.  They provide numerous health benefits, environmental benefits, and are aesthetically pleasing.  Studies show that plants help decrease stress, boost creativity, and sharpen focus.  Who wouldn’t want to work in such a great environment? We are proud of our

Green Oasis at Ashokan Backflow: Nurturing a Thriving Workplace.

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